Checklist for New Pirates

New Pirates need to ensure the following health related items are complete prior to arriving for the semester:

√   Submit all required immunization information. You cannot attend classes without meeting the state law requirements. Click here to find out what is required and how to comply with the immunization law.  Please note: COVID-19 Vaccination is NOT a required vaccine for enrollment.

√  Tell us about your health history, medications, allergies, etc. Click here to login to myPIRATEchart to fill out the Report of Medical History Form. Please disable pop up blockers or the form may not display or submit properly. We recommend using a desktop or PC rather than a tablet to fill out the form.  

√  Once registered for classes, either enroll in, or waive out of, the Student Health Insurance Plan. Click here to find out more information, look at plan benefits, or to enroll/waive.

√  Are you under 18? If so, have a parent/guardian complete and return this Consent for Treatment of Patients Under 18. Return by fax, mail, or dropping it off to us when you come for orientation or move in.

√  Follow us on Twitter, Instagram (@ECU_SHS) or Facebook (ECU Student Health) to stay updated on all campus health news!

Welcome Pirates!!!