Mental Health Care

Worried about your student, or are you a student seeking mental health services? Concerned about a history of, or symptoms of, depression, anxiety, stress management, substance abuse, or homesickness? Visit the Center for Counseling and Student Development for more information on the services they provide.

The Dean of Students office also offers ECU CARES, developed to offer assistance to distressed individuals, connecting them to appropriate campus resources, and reporting concerning behavior to professionals on campus. This can be a critical first step in helping the individual(s) improve and ensuring a safer campus for everyone.

ECU Student Health Services has psychiatry services available through in-person appointments and via virtual visits (return patients only). We also offer ADD/ADHD appointments and Integrative Behavioral Health Services (see below). To find out more information about any SHS service or to schedule an appointment, call us at 252-328-6841.


Student Health can prescribe refills for students who are on ADD/ADHD medications, provided they agree to and follow the stipulations set out in our Stimulant Medication Policy.

Written documentation must be provided which includes a copy of a formal evaluation or formal diagnosis of ADD/ADHD from a mental health medical provider (e.g. psychologist, psychiatrist, physician assistant or nurse practitioner working in a mental health setting). Student Health Service (SHS) providers do not accept clinical notes alone from a primary care physician, family physician, or pediatrician as an acceptable form of diagnostic documentation.

In addition, for SHS providers to prescribe stimulant medication, the student must also provide documentation showing recent treatment for ADD/ADHD. If the student has not had treatment within the past five years, they will be required to be formally reevaluated for ADD/ADHD by a mental health provider and present documentation prior to stimulant medication being restarted by SHS. These records must be received by Student Health prior to a student making an appointment for a medication refill. An evaluation confirming the students’ diagnosis must be provided to SHS and be current within the previous 5 years.

Once a student’s records have been received and an initial appointment for an ADD/ADHD medication refill evaluation is made, the student will be asked to sign the SHS Agreement for Stimulant Medications. This document outlines the responsibilities of the student receiving the medication prescription.

Stimulant medications are Class II narcotics and as such, they are tightly regulated by state and federal law. There will be NO REPLACEMENT for lost, stolen, or damaged prescriptions or medications.

Random drug testing will be done for students who receive ADD/ADHD prescriptions from SHS providers. The drug testing is done at the patient’s expense, and may be requested to evaluate compliance to the medication regimen.

Student Health does not test for ADD/ADHD.

Click to view the Sample Agreement for Stimulant Medications that students must acknowledge and agree to before receiving ADD/ADHD prescriptions or refills at ECU SHS.

Integrative Behavioral Health Services

What is Integrative Behavioral Health Care?
Integrative Behavioral Health Care (IBHC) is an emerging field where Primary Care Providers (PCP) and Behavioral Health Clinicians (BHC) partner together to provide you with high-quality, patient-centered care that meets your medical and behavioral health needs.

Our approach
There may be a time during your college experience when you find yourself feeling stressed, anxious sad, depressed, frustrated, worried, fearful, overwhelmed, and, possibly even, lost. These feelings may be related to school, relationships, unexpected events, medical diagnosis, or a lifestyle change. Whatever it may be, we get it. ECU’s SHS providers and behavioral health clinicians are here for you.

How does it work?
SHS Behavioral Health Clinician, a licensed mental health professional, works with your SHS primary care provider to develop a plan to assist you with managing stress, handling emotions, changing behaviors, adjusting to medications, diagnoses, and life.

How can I request BHC services?
Your SHS provider can refer you or you can contact your PCP to request an appointment.

How much time will I spend with the BHC and where are they located?
Appointments are usually 45-55 minutes in length and are located inside the Main Campus Student Health Center for your convenience.

Are appointments in person or virtual?
BOTH! You choose.

How many times will I meet with the BHC?
A BHC will conduct a comprehensive assessment and tailor a treatment plan to meet your needs. BHC’s provide brief therapy interventions. Your BHC will discuss with you if they believe referrals to other services, on campus or within the community, are needed to help you meet your goals.