Student Health Fee

The “Health Services fee” that is included as part of university tuition is essential to ensuring high quality medical care and facilities, access to licensed professionals, the procurement and maintenance of the latest equipment and technology, and to enable SHS to provide for the health care needs of ECU students through various programs and services. The mandatory fee is an important part of funding for SHS; however, it does not cover the cost of office visits or other ancillary services including but not limited to procedures, lab, radiology, orthopedic equipment, or pharmacy.

Special Fees

Students paying a Health Service Fee as part of their tuition are eligible to utilize SHS. Students who do not pay the fee must pay a Student Health access fee to receive services.

Those who are subject to a Student Health access fee include:

  • distance education students ($35.00 per visit or $100.00 per summer session)
  • students who are not enrolled in the summer session but who were enrolled the previous academic semester and have enrolled for the following academic semester ($35.00 per visit or $100.00 per summer session)
  • students seeking services during intersession when there are no classes ($35.00 per visit)
  • campers ($35.00 per visit)

Students who miss their appointment or do not cancel at least 1 hour ahead of their scheduled time will be considered a “no-show/late cancellation” and will be assessed a $25.00 fee to their university account.

Please call (252) 328-6841 for questions or to find out more about specific fee charges.