The Student Health Service (SHS) laboratory is accredited with COLA , having received The COLA Laboratory Excellence Award for the past 14 years for having no deficiencies in laboratory inspections.

Lab services are available at both of our SHS locations.

Services offered:  Urinalysis, pregnancy tests, complete blood counts, and many tests are all available with in-house results. Samples for other necessary tests can be collected at our facility and then sent to an outside lab for testing.

Lab charges are subject to change without notice.  Please ask your health care provider about lab pricing before having any testing performed.

Obtaining lab results

Results from labs performed within our facility can take as little as 30 mins.
Results from labs performed outside of our facility may take several days to 3 weeks to return.

Many lab results will be sent to the patient directly via secure message in our myPIRATEchart after those results are reviewed by a health care provider. Other results may require an appointment. Your provider will inform you of how and when to expect your results.

SHS has a tracking nurse responsible for follow up of abnormal lab results. Please DO NOT CALL the lab directly as they are not allowed to discuss any results of any kind with a patient. If you do not receive some type of communication from SHS regarding your results, and it has been more than 3 weeks since you had the tests performed, call (252) 328-6841.

Outside lab orders

Students who have lab orders from another provider can have their lab work performed conveniently at SHS. The Outside Lab Order Form must be filled out completely by the ordering provider prior to an appointment being scheduled.

Please fax the form and copy of the front/back of insurance card to (252) 328-0462, or email to; once SHS verifies that all information has been received, the student will be contacted by SHS staff to schedule their lab appointment. Please call (252) 328-6841 for more information.

Cost: It is the patient’s responsibility to check insurance coverage and benefits before having lab work performed. SHS cannot advise on the cost of lab work ordered by other offices.

Results/Follow-Up: The patient is responsible for follow-up with the ordering provider’s office regarding the results of lab work and/or for any medication adjustments that may be needed.